25 September 2023

Celada participates in the restoration project of the Milan Cathedral

It is with great pride that we announce Celada’s participation in the restoration project of the Milan Cathedral, aimed at enhancing its historical and artistic heritage and preserving its infinite beauty.

The Milan Cathedral is an architectural jewel that captivates the eye and imagination, bridging the human and the divine. For us, the Cathedral is a melody carved in stone: the intricate marble sculptures bear witness to the allure of art and extraordinary individuals.

Craftsmanship is something we have always admired, and our work is characterized by precision, technique, and attention to detail. Every time we gaze upon the magnificence of the Cathedral, we feel the strength of our connection to the territory, expressing gratitude to those who came before us, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Milan and its inhabitants. It’s a story filled with art, passion, and great mastery.

We have chosen to adopt one of the Cathedral’s spires, to make our contribution alongside its most devoted supporters. By taking care of our dearest symbols, we are certain that we are contributing to a collective benefit. This is why we have decided to do our part and invite everyone to participate in this splendid initiative.

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