Hartford 5A 600/800 Series

The 5A-x00 Series is the result of Hartford’s experience of more than 1500 gantry machining centres built over the last 15 years. It is a product range designed for making large moulds and difficult-to-cut materials.

The complete range is manufactured in 2 models in a variety of versions, to cover different application needs and customised each time according to the customer’s requirements. T

he monolithic bed made of stabilised Meehanite cast iron, with a lattice structure to dissipate heat and dampen vibrations, is fitted with no. 2 generously dimensioned SP precision linear guides, have characteristics of high rigidity, low sliding friction and silent operation.

The large dimensions of the guideways on the bed ensure uniform weight distribution, complete immobility of the workpiece, smooth movements resulting in longer machine life, superior cutting capabilities and outstanding machining accuracy. The trunnion-type roto-tilting table is equipped with high-dynamic torque motors and ensures high positioning accuracy thanks to direct reading encoders.

The gantry/crossbar, made of Meehanite cast iron, is a structural element to which particularly advanced technological solutions (patented) have been dedicated in order to guarantee rigidity and precision.

The crossbar has 2 linear guides with SP precision grade, which ensure a wide support base, high spindle head stability and high damping factor for vibrations generated by machining. The spindle head is a monolithic structure, made of special cast iron, characterised by ribs and “gaps”.

The axis kinematics are guided by high-precision ball screws of class C1, with double preloaded nut and supported by angular contact ball bearings (60°), to maintain high standards of precision, the screws are cooled by oil.

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Technical Data
X axis travel [mm]800
Y axis travel [mm]1200
Z axis travel [mm]600
Work table dimensions [mm]From Ø600 to Ø800
Table load capacity [Kg]From 850 to 1200
Spindle speed [rpm]From 10.000 to 24.000
Magazine capacity30/40/60 seats

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