Hartford MVP series

The MVP series of HARTFORD meets a wide range of machining requirements thanks to the technological solutions adopted and the various configurations that can be obtained.

The complete range is available in 4 models (from 800 to 1600 mm travel) in various versions, to cover the various application requirements. In particular, the structural solidity of the table and of the spindle line make the MVP series extremely effective both in general mechanical applications characterised by high stock removal and in applications typical of mould and die makers, with finishing and superfinishing on various types of steel, from the hardest to the most alloyed.

The structure of the machine is particularly rigid. The bed, made of stabilised Meehanite cast iron, is equipped with four linear guides of large dimensions. The linear guides on the bed ensure uniform weight distribution, complete immobility of the workpiece, smooth movements resulting in longer machine life and superior cutting capabilities. The structural rigidity of the bed enables a high capacity for absorbing vibrations and absolute machining precision. The cast iron carriage is amply dimensioned to support and guide the work table throughout the working travel.

The dimensions easily allow the application of fourth and fifth axis tables or special clamping equipment. The Meehanite cast iron column with box-type structure has a wide support base. It is equipped with generously dimensioned linear guides, which ensure high spindle head stability and a high damping factor for vibrations generated by machining. The spindle head is a monolithic structure, made of special cast iron. A generously sized motor means that no mechanical counterweight is used and kinematic dynamism to changes in state is improved.

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Technical Data
X axis travel [mm]From 860 to 1.600
Y axis travel [mm]From 560 to 820
Z axis travel [mm]From 630 to 700
Work table dimensions [mm]1.000*560
Max. table load capacity [Kg]500
Work table dimensions [mm]1.750*820
Max. table load capacity [Kg]2000
Spindle speed [rpm]From 8.000 to 20.000
Magazine capacity24/30/40 posti

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