Okuma MA-HII series

Ideal for high-performance milling with maximum precision.

The Okuma MA-HII series horizontal machining centres with their Thermo-Friendly Concept guarantee maximum process reliability, measurement stability and form accuracy for production in the automotive and agricultural sectors or in the manufacture of construction machinery and railway parts.

The MA-HII series machines are equipped with spindles of up to 45 kW. A useful control element is the Turn-Cut function, which allows synchronisation of the spindle speed with circular interpolation in the X and Y axis, ideal, for example, when turning conical face grooves with helical interpolation, typical on butterfly valves.

As an option, the MA-HII series machines can be automated with FMS systems, pallet stations and robots.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataMA-500HIIMA-600HII
X- Y- Z axes travels [mm]700/900/7801.000/900/1.000
Number of toolsFrom 40 to 400From 40 to 400
Max. workpiece dimensionsD.800×1.000x800KgD.1.000×1.000×1.200Kg
X- Y- Z rapid travels [m/min]60/60/6050/50/50

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