Okuma MB-V Series

Heavy, cost-effective milling and, in the same time, high precision finishing work: the MB-V vertical series is suitable for tool and mould construction and is appreciated for its stable gantry design. Thermo-Friendly Concept ensures process safety, measurement stability and shape accuracy for production.

Numerous control applications are also available, such as, for example, Super-NURBS high-speed control or Machining Navi to avoid vibrations during milling. The One-Touch IGF system facilitates programming in the workshop. Simultaneous machining with up to 5 axes is possible by adapting 4th and 5th axis rotary tables and extensions with pallet changers or robots ensure process automation.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataMB-46VA/BMB-56VA/BMB-66VA/BMF-46VA/B
X- Y- Z axes travels [mm]560 / 460/ 4601.050/ 560/ 4601.500/ 660/ 660760/ 560/ 460
Number of tools20 [32, 48]20 [32,48]20 [32, 48]20 [32, 48]
X- Y- Z rapid travels [m/min]40/ 40/ 3240/ 40/ 3240/ 40/ 3240/ 40/ 32

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