Okuma Laser EX Series

The laser technology of the super multitasking LASER EX series machines includes subtractive and additive manufacturing, quenching and coating of blanks to obtain the final product – all in one process-intensive machine.

The LASER EX MU-V and MULTUS U series models perform milling, turning, laser plating (LMD) and heat treatment for a wide range of workpieces of the most diverse sizes and shapes.

Compared to conventional heat treatment, on-board hardening is faster and involves less deformation, thus ensuring a significant increase in precision and production volumes.

The LASER EX series also allows laser machining for processes ranging from coating to laser welding with overlay (LMD).

Specifiche tecniche

Technical dataMU-5000V L.EXMU-6300V L.EXMU-8000V L.EX
X- Y- Z axes travels [mm]800/870/600325/870/600925/870/600
Main spindle speed [min-1]da 50 a 8.000da 50 a 8.000da 50 a 8.000
Number of tools323232
Support surface [mm]3.995 x 2.7504.850 x 9.9905.280 x 2.990
Bench size [mm]Ø500Ø630Ø800


Dati tecniciMULTUS U 3000 L.EXMULTUS U 4000 L.EXMULTUS U 5000 L.EX
Max. Turning diameter [mm]Ø650Ø650Ø650
Max. Turning length [mm]1.5001.0001.000
Main spindle speed [min-1]da 50 a 5.000da 45 a 4.200da 30 a 3.000
Motor (PREX) [kW]22/15 (30/20) (VAC)22/1537/30
Support surface [mm]5.425 x 2.9955.425 x 2.9955.580 x 3.095
Fast travels X-Y-Z [m / min]645/250/1.100, W: 1.594645/250/1.100 W: 1.554

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