Okuma GI series

The cylindrical grinding machines of the GI series are among the most successful in the industry and are the result of OKUMA’s experience as one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Built in three versions, “S KIT” with one spindle, “2WS” with two in-line electrospindles and “4WS” with four carousel electrospindles, it can solve almost all internal production grinding requirements.
EC-compliant machine with full protective enclosure. The very compact, single-body structure for the bed provides high rigidity, and the machine has been carefully designed to achieve perfect balance.

The workpiece-holding head (max. speed 750 rpm) is directly driven by an AC servo-motor; lifetime lubrication gives high reliability and reduces maintenance to a minimum.
The feed of the grinding spindles is directly controlled by original OKUMA AC servo motors and drives with high-precision ball screws; a resolution of 0.0001 mm allows very high sensitivity in programming the machining operations.

The innovative conversational programming software, implemented on the OSP U 20G CNC, not only allows accurate machining without the intervention of expert operators, but also significantly reduces programming time, making the machine highly efficient even in the production of small batches.

The accuracy in the rotation of the grinding spindle (10,000 rpm standard on “S KIT” version) (from 8,000 to 90,000 rpm optional) has been further improved through the use of ultra-precise angular contact bearings with air-oil lubrication system.

Ergonomic layout, accessible to the operator both for daily use and for maintenance (all the commands and controls are located on the front of the machine).

Specifiche tecniche


Internal grinding diametermm 5 – 300
Grindable external diameter (with grinding wheel diam. 100mm)mm 200
Maximum grinding lengthmm 200
Maximum grinding length (4WS 4-spindle model)mm 130
Maximum diameter that can be ground in the clampsmm 300 + grinding wheel
Max. permissible diameter in the chucking guardmm 400
Maximum workpiece lengthmm 200
Maximum workpiece length (4WS)mm 130
Maximum permissible workpiece lengthmm 200
Spindle connection diametermm 100
Spindle boremm 70
Rotation speed rangerpm 100-750
Spindle speed variationcontinuously variable
Maximum angle of workpiece-holding head° 10
Crossfeed slide travel (x-axis)mm -50 + 150
Longitudinal axis travel (z-axis)mm 500
Positioning speed20
Maximum angle of the grinding head° 5
Grinding wheel head travelmm 350
Maximum grinding wheel diametermm 100
Workpiece spindle powerKW 2,4
Machine weightKg. 4200

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