Okuma Universal Center MU-V series

The MU-V series is suitable for the manufacture of moulds, highly complex components in the aeronautical and medical sector or tools and tool holders, and is appreciated for its high speed and turning performance.

Thanks to a large working area, the machine is flexible in 5-axis simultaneous machining.

The stable gantry structure and the Thermo-Friendly Concept guarantee, among other features, process reliability, measurement stability and shape accuracy. Super-NURBS high-speed control, CAS anti-collision software, C-axis turning function up to 1,000 rpm and grinding function are available as options.

The MU-V series machines can be automated with pallet changers (FMS), hydraulic fixtures and robots.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataMU-400VIIMU-4000VMU-5000VMU-6300VMU-8000V
X- Y- Z axes travels [mm]762/460/460740/460/460800/1.050/600925/1.050/600925/1.050/600
No. of toolsDa 32 a 234Da 32 a 268Da 32 a 268Da 32 a 268Da 32 a 268
X-Y-Z Rapid travels (m/min)40/40/3250/50/5050/50/5050/50/5050/50/50
Max. workpiece dimensionsD.600x400x300KgD.500x400x300KgD.700x500x500KgD.830x550x600KgD.830x550x600Kg

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