Sodick AD series

Thanks to its innovative design, the AD series has minimised machine deformation and enhanced the acceleration, performance and speed of linear drive motors. In addition, the unique independent structure of the X and Y axes, featuring an intelligent and effective design, allows longer travels in a smaller footprint with a consequent increase in machining accuracy.

The LN2 control system, with a 15” screen with an innovative and ergonomic design, has the ability to handle high speed, high precision and high machining efficiency. It is equipped with the new “SGF Plus” discharge unit and is designed to optimise performance with graphite electrodes: it eliminates electrode wear, maximises machining speed and achieves high quality performance.

The linear motor is a direct drive, vibration-free device with backlash-free acceleration and positioning accuracy without response delay. Its remarkable high dynamic response characteristics, stability and precision are not degraded by time and require no maintenance. The high performance of the linear motors is further enhanced by the “Motion Controller (K-SMC)” system.

The AD series uses ceramic components, the ideal material for high rigidity, high precision and wear resistance.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataAD 35LAD 55L
X/Y/Z axis travels350x250x270 mm600x400x400 mm
Work tank internal dimensions (WxDxH)975x555x350 mm1200x800x500 mm
Fluid level in work tank (from Min to Max)170 ~ 300 mm170 ~ 450 mm
Work tank capacity180 L470 L
Ceramic table size (WxD)600 x 400 mm750×550 mm
Max. workpiece weight550 kg1000 kg
Max. electrode weight50 kg50 kg
Dielectric tank
External dimensions (WxDxH)800x1705x2125 mm1050x2005x2140 mm
Load capacity400 Lt800 Lt

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