The AL series by Sodick supports machining of moulds and precision parts with a linear motor and the latest electric discharge technology.

The “AL series” is equipped with the in-house developed and manufactured linear motors and demonstrates high speed and high response machining. Together with a highly rigid machine structure, the adoption of the “TH COM” precision correction function reduces the amount of thermal displacement by 50% compared to conventional models.

The communication and throughput speed is improved in the new “SP Power Supply” for die-sinking EDM, which has increased the response speed of the motor control by more than double. The adoption of the new “TMM4” and “BSN4” circuits improves the quality and speed of the entire range of electric discharge machining.

Adoption of the latest electric discharge control technology “Arc-less circuit 4” has greatly improved the performance of die-sinking EDM, such as higher speed, reduced electrode wear, and realised various machining surface qualities from satin to mirror-like surfaces. It is also equipped with the “LN Pro AI” machining condition advisor.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataAL40GAL60G
X-/Y-/Z axes travels (mm)400 x 300 x 270600 x 420 x 370
Ceramic table dimensions (W x D, mm)600 x 400750 x 550
Work tank dimensions (W x D x H mm)750 x 620 x 350950 x 740 x 450
Max. workpiece weight (kg)5501,500
Max. Electrode weight (kg)5050
Distance between table top and spindle (mm)150~420 (EROWA ITS)2000~570 (EROWA ITS)
Distance between ground and table top (mm)830850
Machine weight (kg)4,1005,350
Power requirement3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 KvA3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 KvA
Dielectric tankAL40GAL60G
Load capacity285465
Filtration systemReplaceable paper filtersReplaceable paper filters

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