Yasda TT-TH series

The YASDA TT-TH series of 5-axis horizontal milling centers is unanimously recognized as a “mother machine”. i.e. it is used by most machine tool manufacturers to flawlessly produce the most important parts of their machines.

One of YASDA’s secrets is the hand scraping technique. It was first introduced during the industrial revolution in England for the finishing of sliding or reference surfaces. To date, most machine tool manufacturers have replaced this ancient technique with machining processes.

However, YASDA believes that the greatest accuracy and retention of this over time can only be created with manual scraping. That is why every YASDA machine is built according to this principle.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataSerie TT Tavola tiltanteSerie TH Testa tiltante
X axis travel [mm]Da 1.000 a 2.4001.500
Y axis travel [mm]Da 1.000 a 2.1001.500
Z axis travel [mm]Da 1.100 a 1.5001.800
Work table dimensions [mm]Da 630 x 6301.000×1.000
Max. table load capacity [Kg]8005.000
A-axis travel [deg]-105 ; +15-95 ; +5
B-axis travel [deg]360360
Spindle speed [rpm]10.00010.000
Magazine capacityDa 60 a 450Da 60 a 450

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