Yasda YBM V Series

The only machine able to offer superfinishing surface processing of the highest level and, at the same time, to show a very aggressive character in heavy roughing operations; it owes this characteristic to the adoption of unique technological solutions, including:

– a spindle rotation speed of 24000 rpm
– a unique variable spindle bearing preload system
– flat steel sliding guides, which are lapped manually before being mounted on the machine and aligned with the aid of a laser collimator.

A particularly decisive aspect in precision machining is the stability of the machine for the entire working day: for this reason YASDA has equipped its machines with a temperature stabilization system which, through the circulation of oil through the structure, limits the influence of the external environment. The family of vertical machining centers includes the YBM640Vver.IV, YBM950Vver.IV and YBM9150Vver.IV; and the common denominator is absolute build quality.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data 
X axis travel [mm]Da 600 a 1500
Y axis travel [mm]Da 400 a 900
Z axis travel [mm]Da 350 a 450
Work table dimensions [mm]700×450
Max. table load capacity [Kg]300
Work table dimensions [mm]1.000×500
Max. table load capacity [Kg]800
Spindle rotation speed [rpm]24000
Magazine capacityDa 30 a 200 posti
X- Y- Z rapid travels [mm/min]20000

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