Okuma LOC series

For heavy machining of large and heavy turned parts and for machining pipe ends: the LOC series has been specifically developed for the requirements of the oil industry. In threading, the LOC series is appreciated for its precision and high work rate.

It is possible to equip the machine with one or two revolver tool holders. Each model is equipped with three bore variants per spindle and can also machine large diameter pipes.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataLOC 500LOC 650
Max. Turning diametermm660650
Max. Turning lengthmm20001750
Main spindle speedmin-120001500
Number of tools12/1012/8
Motor (PREX)kW37/30 [45/37; 55/45]45/37 [55/45]
X-Z rapid travelsm/min15/205/10
Support surfacemm6.060 x 2.9123.005×8.065

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