YOUJI VTH series

The vertical lathes of the VTH series, are the result of a series of studies carried out by YOU JI on the entire range of its vertical lathes, from which it emerged that their main objective is the great versatility of use so that the machine in question is suitable for machining in the energy, oil, wind, mining, rail, steel, oil, transmission, nuclear, aeronautical, shipbuilding, earthmoving, moulds, automotive, transport, textiles sectors and mechanics in general.

The VTH models are equipped with a moving crossbar for use where the variety of workpieces to be machined is wide, benefiting from the overall rigidity determined by the proximity of the crossbar to the workpiece.

The VTH line includes a series of vertical lathes and vertical turning centres for milling, drilling and grinding, with platform diameters from 3,000 to 8,000 mm, turning diameter up to 9,000 mm, equipped with spindle motor with power up to 100 Kw and milling motor with power up to 26 Kw.

Basically, this is a line of extremely advanced and comfortable machines, which we believe fully satisfy the evolution of the brands in a perspective of modernity of production and enhance the innovative effort made by YOU JI designers who draw on the great experience that the company has accumulated in over 40 years of business in the vertical turning market.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataVTH 3000 ATCVTH 3500 ATCVTH 4000 ATCVTH 4500 ATCVTH 5000 ATCVTH 6000 ATC
Table diametermm300035004000450050006000
 Max. rotating diametermm340041004600510064007400
 Max. turning diametermm330038004300480059006900
Max. turning heightmm170017001600160021002100
 Max. turning height (version I)mm210021002000220027002700
Max. turning height (version II)mm270027002600260031003100
Max. turning height (version III)mm310031003000300035003500
Max. permissible load on the tableKg45000450006000060000100000150000

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